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Dconstrct is my online home, my blog and my baby. With equal parts narcissism and self-loathing, I write Dconstrct with passion and humor, show-casing my belief that business and personal development doesn’t need to be to be the serious, stern, science-laden monotony that is pervasive in the industry.

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Startup Pitch Decks

A huge collection of successful startup pitch decks that have raised more than USD1.4billion.

Startup History Explained

Every great company has an almost invisible but rich history. Get inspired by looking at the humble beginnings of these startups.

Top 30 Tech IPOs

A curated list of the biggest publicly traded tech stocks with the metrics and key points from their IPO docs.

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Hi, Alexander Jarvis – Thanks For Inspiring Me

A week back, someone claimed that I ripped off their content. It wasn’t accurate and after multiple tries, the person tried to embarrass me online again. This is my reply to him. Read more about it here.

Deconstructing WeWork’s Pitch Deck

Check out WeWork’s series D deck used to raise $335 million which valued the company at $5 billion. It’s 38 slides long and has a good level of detail, graphics and analysis in it to make it a good read.

How Uber, Google, Facebook and Other Tech Giants Avoid Paying Billions in Tax?

Let’s start with Uber. Let’s say an Uber rider in Kuala Lumpur taps her iPhone and requests a ride. At the end of the ride the details (such as distance and time spent on the road) are recorded and the rider gets off. No money changes hands, it’s all billed through the rider’s credit card seamlessly;…

The Startup Idea Litmus Test

Back in school, you must have learned a simple test to determine if a liquid is acid or alkaline. When dipped in the liquid, blue litmus paper would turn red if the liquid is acidic and vice-a-versa. In the same way, by listening to few hundred pitches and working with few dozen of investors, I…

The Myth Of Originality // No Idea Is Original

No one has ever had an original idea. Every idea worth having has been had thousands of times already. All the great subjects, all the great ideas, have been had already. What can be original is your unique perspective on it. It means that trying to come up with some completely original idea is pointless — if…

PSA: Trump is Batshit Crazy!

I hate trump and his views. He is full of himself and bat-shit crazy. There I said it. My friend was shocked when I said that and commented that she thinks that “America needs a dictator as they are in the shits, all time highest in homelessness, and so segregated socially, racially, financially”. I completely disagree with…

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