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Utilities Service Corporation employees can utilize the company Employee Self Service Portal at to access their personal payroll information.  From the web portal employees can view and print out their paystub for their most recent and past pay cycles.  Utilservcorp is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for employees to use.

Employees can also benefit from the mobile app feature that allows them to view their paystubs electronically from their smartphone or mobile devices.  If you have not signed up for this service yet you will need to visit the ESS site, sign in, and opt out of receiving a paper paystub.  After you’ve completed this short process you’ll be able to utilize the mobile app features and access your payroll information while on the go.

Asplundh Employee Portal


Asplundh employees utilize Utilservcorp for their employee electronics paystub service.  The site requires Asplundh workers to sign in with their User Name and Password.  First time users of the site will need to complete the online registration process by clicking “Register here!” and completing the short online form.

Employees with a corporate email can use their corporate User ID and Password to login to the system from the beginning while employees that do not have a corporate email will need to enroll online through the registration link on the homepage.

Utility Portal Login

When completing the online form you will need to know your national ID number along with adding some personal information such as your birth date, email address, mother’s maiden name, etc.  At this point also you will need to create your username and password which you’ll use to login to the site.

Any problems you may experience logging in to the system can be addressed by the Help features on the portal site.  There are links for users who have forgotten their user name, password, and for other issues the contact information for the IT Service Help Desk is available at 1-800-309-0136.  Please review the Help features thoroughly before calling the IT Help Desk.

One of the most popular uses of the Employee Self Service Portal is to monitor individual employee payroll information.  Employees have access to the Asplundh Payroll service enabling them to view them online prior to the actual pay date.  They have the ability to observe their hours worked, overtime, pay rate, and more.  The benefit of the portal utility is it is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for employees to login at their convenience to review their account OR access this same information from their smartphones or mobile devices via the mobile app.  Utilservcorp is a convenient option for employees to manage and monitor their pay.

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