Never Chase The Next ‘Big Thing’

Never Chase The Next 'Big Thing' 2
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Lots of founders only want to build the next Facebook, Instagram, AirBnB, Grab, etc i.e. a startup with huge user base.

I think this is a mistake.

You should never limit yourself to starting only what you believe is going to be a multi billion dollar startup.

‘It’s never going to be as big as Facebook or Grab! Why are you building it? You have more talent than that.”

I have heard this over and over again in many networking parties, mentoring sessions, demo days. I cringe every time I hear this, in fact I am cringing right now thinking about it.

Most people think that it’s epic or nothing. It’s the Silicone Valley dream lifestyle mentality that have influenced people to think this way. It has made people to perceive any idea with potential of making 1MM or 5MM in annual revenue as a bad idea.

Founders should start by building a company that they won’t be tired/bored of working on day in and day out.

Bad days are definite, but it should be an idea/startup that the founder(s) will still be motivated to work through. Any idea is good if you are willing to work through it and pivot as you see fit with your vision set on growing it.

Facebook started as a simple ‘hot or not’ app for university students. AirBnB was just few guys selling an airbed to sleep and cereal as the breakfast. Uber was just a black car booking app.

You don’t need to chase the next “big thing” to have a successful tech company, and it could grow to that size without you initially thinking it would have.

Just build something that you will be motivated to spend 18 hours a day on.