Accept it. Deal With it. Get The Fuck On With It.

Accept it. Deal With it. Get The Fuck On With It. 2
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Whenever you know that you are going to choose short term discomfort for long term gain and growth, always do this: Accept that the pain is temporary. Deal with it as swiftly as possible, to make sure that you don’t prolong the pain. Get the fuck on with it because life doesn’t wait for anyone.

Examples of the times that I did exactly what I said above in my own life:

  • Sending a bunch of cold emails knowing that you have less than 5% chance to get a reply.
  • Asking for a mentorship from someone that you know have no time for you.
  • Working hard on a project that gets unnoticed.
  • Handing in your resignation notice from your day job.
  • Taking out a huge loan to make sure that your business survives.
  • Having no vacations because you decided to pursue your dreams at all cost.
  • Saying no to drinks with your friends to work on your side hustle.
  • Firing a good employee because his/her skills are not needed at your company anymore.
  • Falling in love with someone who is married/in a serious relationship.
  • Breaking up from an uninspiring relationship.
  • Client choosing another company compared to yours.
  • Saying no to a client because you know that the relationship is not going to work out in the long run.
  • Saying good bye to a circle of friends who do nothing but complain, bitch and sulk.
  • Making your opinion heard in a room full of people smarter than you.
  • Biting your tongue when you know you are right.
  • Telling the truth about a bad idea from a good friend.