PSA: Trump is Batshit Crazy!

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I hate trump and his views. He is full of himself and bat-shit crazy.

There I said it.

My friend was shocked when I said that and commented that she thinks that “America needs a dictator as they are in the shits, all time highest in homelessness, and so segregated socially, racially, financially”.

I completely disagree with every part of that statement. I think it’s a major misconception, as the whole of Trump campaign is based on misleading the public with fake statements to induce fear.

Hence, I thought it will be interesting to share my opinions on this topic, especially being someone who can’t vote for any of the candidates (not an American) and looking at it all from an outsider view (I am a Malaysian).

America is in all time high in homelessness — how about a no?

PSA: Trump is Batshit Crazy! 1

This is the easiest to debunk.

The only thing that has hit all time high is the amount of bullshit surrounding homelessness in America. During Obama’s time in the office, he went after the homelessness issue like Batman went after The Joker in The Dark Knight Movie (get the pun, ‘dark’ knight — never mind).

For instance:

  • In his 2017 budget, Obama proposed spending $11 billion over the next 10 years to fight family homelessness.
  • Obama proposed discretionary spending on 10,000 new housing vouchers; 8,000 new units for rapid rehousing; and 25,500 new units of supportive housing, or housing that is coupled with social services.

With that said, what are the national trend of homelessness in America? (Source)

  • The national rate of homelessness in 2015 fell to 17.7 homeless people per 10,000 people in the general population from 18.3 in 2014.
  • The rate of veteran homelessness continued its descent of the past several years to 24.8 homeless veterans per 10,000 veterans in the general population.
  • The majority of states had decreases in every major subpopulation: unsheltered persons (1.2 percent), families (4.6 percent), chronically homeless individuals (1.0 percent), and veterans (4.0 percent)

America is segregated socially, racially and financially — well, that’s a yes (and a no).

In order to discuss this effectively, one must first understand that America is the one of the most diverse places in the world, so much so that it is predicted by the Bureau of the Census, America will have no single racial majority in its general population by 2042.

For those who do not follow history or the Black Lives Matter campaign, the recent burning of buildings, smashing of police cars and scuffles between police officers and angry protesters in Milwaukee might seem as if a case of spontaneous combustion like cotton and super glue.

Obviously, that is far from the truth.

It is a slow combustion burning through decades as Milwaukee is one of the United States’ most segregated cities, where black men are incarcerated or unemployed at some of the highest rates in the country, and where the difference in poverty between black and white residents is about one and a half times the national average. The racial violence is decades in the making.

The election of Barack Obama as the first black POTUS caused euphoria in many american (especially black communities) mainly because it sent a clear massage to the world: Race does matter but it is not what it was even 20 years ago. We are ready to accept change.

Yet, it is wrong to think Obama’s win means America has gone “beyond race.” US isn’t not a post-racial “color blind” country yet. Racism and bigotry, and institutional racism, still exist. What Obama’s election did is encourage all minorities in whatever fields they pursue to believe more is possible.

But since 2009, the race relations has plunged back to what it was during May 1992 — when the Rodney King’s prosecution of the four officers on the charge of excessive use of force took place which created the famous quote “can’t we all just get along?” (google the case of Rodney King if you have no idea what I’m talking about).

PSA: Trump is Batshit Crazy! 2

IMHO, this happened because most people expected a rapid change to happen when Obama was POTUS. It was partly fuelled by what he said at the Democratic Convention Speech in 2004: “There’s not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America; there’s the United States of America”.

That ideal, it seems, has been very difficult to turn into a reality.

Now that I have established that the segregation is in US is worsening, but the question still remains: If Trump wins, will it get back to a better place or will it worsen back to Reagen times?

We will get back to that.

US is in the shits — are they? I don’t think so.

Trump’s most effective campaign motto is “Making America Great Again” — although I secretly wish it was YOLO because every policy that he is advocating seems like that’s what in his mind.

PSA: Trump is Batshit Crazy! 3

Every time I hear that, I am begging for someone to remind me what made America not great. Is it just a marketing move or is America is really in the shits?

A study done by Morning Consult/Lucid shows that most Trump supporters believe that America’s greatest year was the days before 9/11 attacks and worse still, the Republicans answered the 1950s and the Reagen years (my reaction: whatttt??)

PSA: Trump is Batshit Crazy! 4

I call bullshit on America being in shits and I think it’s one the best places to be born in. Let’s compare Malaysia and United States, across 12 pointers that indicates social progress.

PSA: Trump is Batshit Crazy! 5

Across all of the pointers, America beat Malaysia with some being 2x better than what we have here in Malaysia (have a look at personal rights, LOL, sorry Malaysia!).

So, the question is are they really in the shit or the people there are becoming less appreciative/entitled (very common with younger generation) or being manipulated by the media who love to tell stories about how things are worsening?

America needs a dictator — maybe, but definitely Trump is the worst candidate for that.

PSA: Trump is Batshit Crazy! 6

Absolute monarchs throughout history is what we call “dictators” nowadays, in the sense that they wielded immense unquestioned personal power.

There were plenty of good monarchs throughout history, Louis XIV (Height of French influence on the continent during the 17th/18th centuries), Emperor Meiji (Oversaw Japan’s modernisation and resistance to European colonisation) and Cyrus the Great (Founder of the Persian Empire, and pioneer of religious tolerance) are just a few.

Some more recent dictators includes Park Chung Hee who paved the way for South Korea;s economic miracle on the Han River” by fostering industry reforms (although he was merciless in torturing his political opponents).

Since Singapore can be considered somewhat of a dictatorship model as they practise detention without trial and heavy media control (elected dictator? idk), Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore to the advanced country we see today.

If these people that I mentioned are what you are thinking when you say America needs a dictator, you are absolutely right.

But Trump? We will address this in a bit.

Can he actually become a dictator as he will be an elected president if he wins — absolutely yes. Here’s how:

Lets Talk Trump and GE2016

I believe that Trump’s campaign is just a high stakes version of “ wouldn’t it be funny to make the fat girl homecoming queen?”. The way he answers his critics and general public reminds me of this episode from Family Guy:

I don’t think he will start WW3 like some outlandish people are claiming — but he is definitely haven’t had a good thought about the policies that will make US a great country again. He seems to be saying the popular statements and punch lines to get ahead in the race.

I think he will be a bad POTUS. Why?

  1. Trump is a racist.
  1. Trump is a sexist.
  1. Trump is completely irrational.
  1. Trump is a shitty businessman.

Now, did I prove that he is batshit crazy? Definitely.

PSA: Trump is Batshit Crazy! 7

So, do we want a racist, sexist, non-business savvy and irrational person to be the next POTUS or worse the ELECTED DICTATOR of US?

I’ll let everyone who reads this ponder the above question.

Note: These are my personal opinions, they do not represent any of my clients, companies or professional judgements in any way, shape or form. This post is not a pro-Hillary post, it’s just a post based on my dissatisfaction with Trump. All of the facts and opinions mentioned in this post have been backed by sources and links. You are allowed to have your own opinions, and these are just mine.